True ownership of digital goods

Our core competencies

Block Production

As active block producers on the WAX and Proton Blockchain, we provide part of the technical core infrastructure of these networks. We take this responsibility very seriously and work hard to ensure that our nodes are both as fast and as reliable as possible.

Non Fungible Tokens

We believe in a future where true ownership of digital goods will be as normal as physical ownership. Blockchains provide a powerful and open platform which can be used to build a strong ecosystem that not only depends on a single team or centralized entity.


Smart contracts and the dapps built on top of them are perhaps the most exciting thing about modern blockchains, and we take full advantage of that. A good example of that is the NFT marketplace that we have built, and we have a lot more in the pipeline.

User Experience

Blockchain applications always had a very small user base because it was hard to learn how to get started and very technical. Our goal is to build dapps and interfaces which can be used by everyone and can be monetized by everyone which will create a completely new sector of digital goods / earning money.


We at are a young team of blockchain enthusiasts that have made it their goal to push forward decentralization. We have no doubt that moving away from central entities is the way of the future, and we want to help reach decentralized applications, and in particular blockchains, mass adoption.

Our products focus around the topic Non Fungible Tokens and true ownership of digital goods because we think that true digital ownership will be the future.

We have built AtomicAssets which is an eosio NFT standard that has quickly grown to the most used standard on eosio blockchains.

AtomicHub is an interface we have built to allow people to interact with our NFT standard and which quickly has grown to the most used NFT marketplace on all blockchains. It also included a trading interface, NFT explorer and much more.


Jona Wilmsmann

Co-Founder, Blockchain Developer


Smart Contract Development
Content Creation / Content Writing
Computer Science student at the Technical University Munich.
Experience with both Ethereum and EOS smart contract development.

Fabian Emilius

Co-Founder, Fullstack Developer

Portfolio | Telegram

Blockchain API
Backend Development
Computer Science student at the Technical University Munich.
Over 8 years experience in website development.